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Labor Day 2017 Weekend And The Memories - How To Celebrate Happy Labor Day ?

Labor Day 2017 Weekend and the Fun Memories!

My family, like many others, have Labor Day 2017 weekend traditions, complete with Labor Day activities. One of the most wonderful traditions that my family had over the annual long Labor Day 2017 weekend was summer barbecues.
Labor Day Weekend
                                         Those fun Labor Day 2017 weekend memories! (flickr)
The biggest day was of course Labor Day. Because this national holiday is the unofficial end of summer, it was a chance to have one final, summertime celebration. Hence our Labor Day weekend was a weekend filled with food, swimming, games, family, and friends.

Busy is Fun During Our Labor Day 2017 Weekend

The Labor Day 2017 weekend would start off as being the busiest of the weekend of the summer. By the time I woke up, my mother had already been up for hours making her famous potato and macaroni salad. While she was working inside, my father was outside cleaning the grill and setting up the horseshoe and Bocce ball game. When that was done, he checked the chemicals in the pool to make sure that it was safe for swimming.
Labor Day 2017 Weekend And The Memories
Labor Day 2017 Weekend And The Memories

Wonderful Labor Day 2017 Weekend Memories

It was my job to make sure that the living room was dusted and the bathrooms were clean for the long Labor Day 2016 weekend. As friends and family members started to arrive for the cookout, you could smell the hamburgers and hot dogs cooking on the grill. When my cousins would arrive, they would start jumping in the pool one by one.
The adults would stand around drinking their favorite beer and my mother’s famous summertime Sangria, while all of us kids would play Marco Polo and find the quarter in the pool.
Want some summertime Sangria, anyone? (wikipedia)
I remember the adults calling their kids out of the pool over and over to eat, which we never wanted to do. When the watermelon was finally cut, that is when the pool started to clear out. The whole Labor Day 2017 weekend was full of food, drinks, swimming, and fun.

It Seemed the Fun Kept on Going on Labor Day 2017 Weekend

When the sun started to go down, the fun didn’t end. Everyone would gather to the other side of the yard, to stand by the bonfire that my father made. As a kid, it seemed like the bonfire burned 100 feet in the air. As I got older, I realized that it may not have been that high. My mother gave each kid sticks, and we toasted marshmallows. Some years, she had graham crackers and chocolate so that we could make Smores.
The best part of the Labor Day 2017 weekend was the night when all of the kids got their sleeping bags, and we all got in the tent that my dad set up. We would eat popcorn and tell ghost stories. Some of these stories stuck with me for months, and I had to sleep with a nightlight on.

Post Labor Day 2017 Weekend

The day after Labor Day 2017 weekend, I would often wake up in the tent, where I fell asleep. My cousins were gone, and all that was left was a few kernels of popcorn, a dead flashlight, and my memories of the best Labor Day 2017 weekend that I had all summer long.
Today, as an adult and a mother, I have tried to re-create these memories of Labor Day 2016 weekend for my children. The only difference is that I am the one in charge of making the potato and macaroni salad. I am responsible for making the summertime Sangria.

Some potato and macaroni salad to hit the spot! (wikipedia)
Now it is my cousins’ kids who are making Smores and sleeping in the tent with my kids, and my kids are leaving their nightlights on because of the scary ghost stories. The best part of my childhood memories of Labor Day 2017 weekend is that they taught me how to create the same memories for my children. Hope you have fun with your Labor Day activities!
We hope you can make some warm Labor Day memories for your family! Enjoy!
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