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April Fool's Day 2018 Wishes, Message, Quotes - Funny Quotes & SMS Of Happy April Fool's Day 2017

April Fool's Day 2018 Wishes, Message, Quotes - Are you searching about happy April Fool's day wishes message & funny quotes 2018? then you have visited on awesome place. today here I am sharing some funny SMS & message of happy April fools day for you. Also I have shared here April fools day jokes for wife husband BF/GF and {**Happy April Fools Day 2018**} April Fools Day Pranks For School, Friends, Teachers & Long Distance Friends on my previous articles of happy April Fool's day 2018. April 1st is celebrate as the Happy April fool's day and most of the people search for happy April fool's day pranks & ideas.

try with your friends, relatives, & family members, wife, husband & BF/GF following with some happy April fool's day pranks & jokes. You can apply these funny SMS & message of April fool's day just to send through social media like facebook, twitter, whatsapp and more. April fools day sms quotes & message are fun based which you can make your friends fools just by share with them. make this day with full fun & enjoyment by sending top funny message quotes & wishes of Happy April Fool's day 2018 from here. everyone is wait for happy 1st April to fool their friends by cracking jokes, pranks, SMS, Wishes, funny quotes and message. for that today here I am sharing top quotes wishes & SMS of happy April fool's day 2018 scroll down to get from here:

April Fool's Day 2017 Wishes, Message, Quotes - Funny Quotes & SMS Of Happy April Fool's Day 2017
April Fool's Day 2018 Wishes, Message, Quotes - Funny Quotes & SMS Of Happy April Fool's Day 2018

April Fool's day Funny Quotes With SMS Wishes Message 2018-

SomeOne MiSSES U….

NeeDS U..
Worries About U
Lonely Without U
Guess Who?
… THE ZOO ..

If today any 1 talks:

If today any 1 talks & praises u 4 ur
1) gud looks
2 ) nature
3 ) style
4 ) attitude,
kick them off.
How dare they fool u before april 1st.

31st March Or 1st April 2016:

31st March Or 1st April 2016
Fool is Fool Doesn’t Matter.
Wishing Very Happy, Prosperous and Joyful.
Fool Day to the King of Fools…….

New financial year:

New financial year, new fools.
But how can we ignore the old fools like you.
It’s a crowning moment for you. Have a rocking special day!

Last night:

Last night I Got a severe Head pain…
I went to the Doctor …
He said that It would be cured If I send a SMS TO some lunatic person…
” Tell me,Whom do I know other than you.?
Happy April Fool ??

Plz Open This:

Plz Open This
After March 31st 2018.
I know U can’t Wait.

So Congratz.

U r the 1st FÖÖL of 2018…;-p:)

April Fool in Advance.

Hey U Know:

Hey U Know Which is the best day to propose a girl… April 1
U Know Why??
If she accept its your luck otherwise just tell April Fool.

This is MAGIC:

This is MAGIC.
Press down 6times,
You can See your PHOTO
Congrats! You are the First
April Fool of the year

Earth may stop rotating:

Earth may stop rotating;
Birds may stop flying;
Candles may stop melting;
And hearts may stop beating.
But your brain will never start working. ‘April Fool Day’ was meant just for people like U!

This is not SMS:

This is not SMS, it’s just an April Fool Trick
Place a bottle of liquid dish soap into the toilet tank.
The next person to flush the toilet will be greeted
with an overwhelming amount of bubbles.

You are a very CUTE person.

Just a second, don’t misunderstand.
CUTE means: Creating Useless Troubles Everywhere.
Happy All Fools’ Day!

What should we do on 1st Night?????????                                                                                                                                                               What should we do on the 1st night of April 2018? What did you think? April Fool!
9876543210 this is my new number pls save it.
don’t save it bcoz it counts down from 9 to 0. again don’t go top
Hey, Friend Today is your day. So Wishing you many…………………………………………………………………………………………. many Happy Returns of the day.

Kid On 1st April:
Bedroom Me Naukar, Naukrani Ko Dekh Raha Hai
Mummy: Abhi Dimag Theek Karti Hu uska.
Kid: April Fool woh to papa Hain.
Happy April Fool’s Day 2018!!

. You are a BITCH…………………Beautiful, Intelligent, Talented, Cute, Hilarious. Are you smiling now? Happy April Fool’s Day!
Best relationships need no promises no demands N no expectations it just needs 2 people 1 Fool Like u n 1 cool like me. Happy April Fool’s Day 2018!!

So these are the collections of happy April fool's day sms quotes, wishes & message for you. I hope you have enjoyed this page. feel free to share this page with your friends, relatives and other best ones.


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