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Valentines Week List 2018 Dates, Days, Schedule, Time Table, Calendar & Complete List

Valentines Week List 2018 Dates & Schedule - 

Valentines Day is known as the Saint valentines day or the feast of Saint Valentine. every year Valentines day is celebrate on February 14th. as we know that Valentines is the session of love and romance. the Valentines week start from February 07th to February 14th every year. the all days are best for Couples to share their love and affection and for that peoples who are in love. many peoples on the day of valentines send beautiful cards, gift items and present to their partner. the day of happy valentines is very old which is originated from the Roman festival.

Modern Valentine's Day symbols include the heart-shaped outline, doves, and the figure of the winged Cupid. Since the 19th century, handwritten valentines have given way to mass-produced greeting cards. today in this article we have the complete list of Happy valentines day week 2018 and dates for you. if you are looking about when is happy valentines day 2018 then you have landed on right post. scroll down to get the complete Valentines week List 2018 Dates, days, Schedule and time table and complete details from here:

Valentines Week List 2018 Dates, Days, Schedule, Time Table, Calendar & Complete List
Valentines Week List 2018 Dates, Days, Schedule, Time Table, Calendar & Complete List 

Valentine Week List Dates Days Schedule & Time Table -

Valentine Week List 2018
7th February, 2018 (Wednesday)
Rose Day
8th February, 2018 (Thursday) 
Propose Day
9th February, 2018 (Friday) 
Chocolate Day
10th February, 2018 (Saturday)
Teddy Day
11th February, 2018 (Sunday)
Promise Day
12th February, 2018 (Monday)
Hug Day
13th February, 2018 (Tuesday)
Kiss Day
14th February, 2018 (Wednesday)
Valentine’s Day 2018

Rose Day -

Rose day is the first day of Valentine's day and Valentine week start from Rose day which is celebrate on 07th February every year. the day is most famous for couples who wish each other by exchanging beautiful roses. because Rose is the symbol of love and rose is used to show the love and care towards the person which they love most. 

Propose Day -

Propose day is the second day of happy Valentines day which is celebrate on 08th February every year. if you are planning to propose your love then Propose day is best for you. also its the right and popular day to express your feelings & love.  

Chocolate Day -

Chocolate Day is the 3rd day of Valentines day which is celebrate on 09th February every year. the day is dedicated to chocolates, just impress your wife and girlfriends on the day of Chocolate day by sending her chocolate & cakes. 

Teddy Day -

every girls like Teddy bear and Teddy day is dedicated for sending beautiful Teddy to her. Happy teddy day is the 4th Day of the valentines week. make your love more stronger and just impress your beautiful wife and sweet girlfriend by sending her cute teddy bear. every year happy Teddy bear day is celebrate on 10th February. 

Promise Day -

well another day comes Promise day which is the most important day of Happy valentines day. which is the 5th Day and celebrate on 11th February every year. the day is dedicated the sense of security by receiving lots of promises & commitments from one's partner. just make the new promises and fulfill your old promises to make your relationship more stronger. 

Hug Day -

Hug day comes after Promise day every year which is the 6th Day and celebrate on 12th February every year. send the warm hug to your partner and make your relationship more stronger impress your life partner by sending beautiful hug on the Hug day. Hug day is the true epitome of showing your endless love towards your friends, beloveds or even your relatives.

Kiss Day -

Kiss day is the most sweet day of the Valentine's week which is celebrate on 13th February every year also known as the day before of Valentines day. on kiss day just kiss your gf/bf & life partner just to show how much your care and love them. make your love more happy by sending beautiful kiss on Happy Kiss day. A kiss is the shortest distance between two and kiss is something which you can't give without taking and take without giving. 

Valentine's Day-

14th February is known is the happy Valentines day. its the most romantic day for couples and life partners. on the day of happy valentines day peoples send beautiful cards, exchange greetings cards and send cakes and chocolates. Valentines day is the special day for boyfriends/girlfriends, wife husband. 

Well !!! here we just share Happy Valentines day 2018 Week List Dates days & time table. share this page with your friends, relatives and other best ones. 


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